Sandra Young Picture

Here are my amazing New 3D Sculpture Views!

More 3D sculptures will be added as we go along.

Sean (the site designer and developer) has been working hard
to get this done and keep it up-dated. These 3D views were
developed by Sean and do not require 3rd party 3D engines or
Flash and should be compatible with just about any device or browser.
Click on images below to view in 3D. Wait a little while for loading
and then swipe left or right (with mouse or finger!) to rotate the view.
3D Lilac Drag 3D Mermaid 3D Firelizard 3D Kingfisher
You can zoom the sculpture using the mousewheel or by buttons
which allow both movement & zooming. If you press/left
click and hold on the model you should be able to move it.

This is Version 1.0 and will gradually be improved.

3D Kingfisher 3D Kingfisher 3D Kingfisher 3D Kingfisher

If you are interested in this or any other aspects of the
site please click link below

Site Development & Design: Sean @ RockWarrior (see details)