Innovative Website Design/Javascript & App Development for Windows & Android!

A fantastic new 3D Rockwarrior site is about to hit the press within the next few weeks.
Keep Looking here if you are interested. A link to this new site will be added soon!
This new site will have stunning (HTML5!) 3D parallaxing backgrounds & designs but will
be compatible with just about any device as well as browsers as old as Internet Explorer 8!.

This current 'Sandra Young site' has 3D Views but will also benefit from these new design features in due course.

3D! 3D Sculptures
See the current 3D Views in menu above or click the image above.

I will also be introducing red/green versions of the moving 3D views which means that if
you put on a pair of red/green (anaglyph) 3D glasses (readily available and cheap on the internet!)
you can see the sculptures hover in front of your screen in real live, moving 3D!
I will also be experimenting with stereoscopic versions of the above so that those who are
practised in the art of being able to use their eyes to fuse 3D stereoscopic images can also
experience real live moving 3D. It's actually a really easy skill to learn and you will
wonder how you have lived your whole life without doing it before!
Once aquired this skill is never forgotten and you will be living in a wonderful new 3D world
and it won't cost you a penny! Who needs 3D cinema or 3D TVs! I will hold your hand and lead
you into this amazing world by showing you how easy it is!

More soon!

More than 20 years experience in the development of 'Apps' is the driving force behind
Original experience was in the world of Photogrammetry & Mapping, developing the first
automated 3D mapping system as well as developing systems for the recording of most of the
UK's Old buildings, churches, abbeys and ruins (mostly for English Heritage) and restoration
projects for the likes of Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, York Minster, Lichfield Cathedral,
Salisbury Cathedral etc.
The Nuclear industry and Ministry of Defense also benefited from these systems.

I plotted every millimetre of this facade at Lichfield Cathedral and I believe the 3D data is still in use!

3D systems are in my blood so to speak - nothing flat at all!

There have many innovative developments but it would take a bigger page to list them all,
(by saying that it makes it seem as if I've been involved with hundreds of things which is good!).
Cessna 152 PPL Training Software

One of these was the UK's first Private Pilots License software which took users through each step of
training for their license using multi-media as well as practise sessions for all of the exams.
This was very popular and I decided to write this when I first learnt to fly at Thruxton in Wiltshire.
(in my trusty C152 Cessna - I didn't write it in the Cessna, I did it when I wasn't!).

I found an old leaflet the other day and I reproduce it here purely for historical reasons!
Seans PPL Training Kit

Just as a side interest thing - I had the amazing privilege to fly in a WWII P51D Mustang, very lucky
and grateful for that experience (you may not be interested but it makes me seem more interesting!).

Sean looking a bit daft (again!) in Mustang Cockpit
Me I'm afraid - a vain attempt to look heroic!
Sean looking a bit daft in Mustang Cockpit

Actually! - I did entirely reproduce the original WWII P51D Mustang Pilots Handbook in multi-media form.

The P51 Pilots Handbook is amazing, unlike the British Spitfire Pilots Handbook (which consists of about 5 pages!)
it is a huge book with pictures, diagrams, cartoons etc and tells you everything you could possibly want to know
about how to fly the Mustang and I have reproduced the whole thing!
As far as I'm aware this is the only digital multi-media form of this manual, I might be wrong but I don't think so!.
Here are a few screen-shots.
P51D Mustang Manual Screen Shot 1 P51D Mustang Manual Screen Shot 2
P51D Mustang Manual Screen Shot 3 P51D Mustang Manual Screen Shot 4
P51D Mustang Manual Screen Shot 5
It also has videos from the cockpit (taken by me - in-flight!) and all sorts of stuff including sound files
of the Mustang and loads and loads of images, videos etc.

If you are interested in this type of aircraft then this is truly unique!
Although it is pre HD (it was done a few years back!) it is still a very acceptable quality and you will
not find this anywhere else (I think!).
Send me an email if you are interested and I will be more than happy to charge you money for a copy!

Other developments have been one of the original concepts for things such as music downloads & interactive
website functions (working with John Ellis from the Stranglers - at the time!) as well as an interactive
Golf trainer which was credited as being the best available. This was amazing because I don't play
golf or particularly like it!

Another innovative project is the conversion of sites into apps for the likes of Android and Windows.
This site will have an accompanying 'app' which visitors can choose to download from 'Play/Windows Store'.
This app will be updated as usual with all the latest info, images, news etc, which means that users
have instant access and contact with 'Sandra Young Glass' as well as all the advantages
that having an 'app' brings in terms of ordering and security!

This is going to be part and parcel of all future web site development and prospective clients can
either choose to have the 'app' or not".

I have also been involved with things such as image compression which this site also has the
benefit of. Most images on this site are PNG format but compressed to a fraction of their original
size using a system developed over many years.
Hardly any Jpeg images are used on this site but it has an excellent trade-off between page load
times and the benefits of things such as image transparency which makes everthing look so much better!

I'm also working on an on-line book which will have all of the amazing 3D stuff & parallaxing,
but will also have music and sound as well as user interaction.
It will have a running story which will be updated each week or month.
This is a very exciting project and will also (hopefully) be inflicted on everyone fairly soon!
It concerns itself with space (the final frontier) - which is another love in my life!

Here are few sites that I prepared earlier! (click on images to visit)
Master-Tec Motorcycle Servicing and Secondhand Bikes.
Owls Cottage Country Breaks

So..there we are! - a short potted and glowing history ,(clearly wonderful!).
There are exciting times ahead right now and lots of things are changing for developers.
More info will be available on the imminent RockWarrior site and if reading this was a chore
then your in for a treat!

If anything takes your interest in the meantime, or you would be interested in discussing either
website/app/Javascript development or how the universe works, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

I'm open and happy to talk about anything.... really! - Click link below and send me an email & I promise
you won't regret it!



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P.S - Love motorbikes as well!